Happy May!!!

May 16, 2013

Happy May!

As many of you folks are preparing for Spring planting and Summer activities, we are planning for winter. It has already started getting cold and the nights quite chilly.

The floods this year have still left many without housing, food or clothes. Please continue to keep our province in your prayers. May God’s mighty healing continue in this land. The roadway into Chibuto is gone. It was an eerie scene for me personally to be trucking along and one single red flag on a stick at the top of the hill signifying – road gone! Slowly approaching the little red flag and stopping at the top of the hill to see a road completely washed away, bridges and all. It just looked devastating. So, after a long mud trail on the way through, and following a supernaturally timed tractor, made it to Chibuto just before dark! Thankful for safety!

Last month was filled with great favor and progress!

We looked at block machines and debated hiring more men to teach them how to make blocks manually with a single mold and a shovel, or buying a block machine that would create uniform blocks three at a time and make two to three times as many in one day with a fraction of the wastage and breakage. The cost of the machine was quite expensive though. After the theft of the cement mixers, our budget was already stretched. After praying and asking direction, we decided to look at the machines and see what the pros and cons would be. On our way to Maputo, we saw a man on the side of the road just before Macia that was using a machine. We stopped and spoke with him and he showed us how to use the machine, the mixture, etc. We copied the details of the vendor and called them. After a few short calls, we were connected with one of the owners and he asked for us to visit and he would negotiate. The machines retail for a little more than $4,000. He offered it for about $$2,850. Still, at this price it would take almost 6 months to pay for itself. We were weighing the options and prayed overnight and called again the next morning. He was a very kind man that was moved by the vision and the objective of the vision. So, we offered him $1,850 and he accepted. How is that for favor? Yes, walking in The Favor. What blessing and restoration!

We met with the regional manager of Construa. It is the local hardware store. Not exactly Home Depot, but, as close as we can get J. He came to visit and we shared the vision and walked the land. He spoke with management in the local store to ask about us. He offered to give us a discount and to see what kind of deal he could offer. One of the greatest expenses in our area is transport. Things are much more expensive because of the cost to get it here. Since the road washed out from the floods, the only way into Chibuto is via Xai-Xai, a coastal town about 45 minutes away. What that means for us – the trucks go right in front of our property. So, he agreed to drop most of the materials right on the land for us. Cement, rebar, etc. All of the big, heavy items, they will deliver free of charge! Discounts are nice too! Even better – we have our beautiful new block machine and now we have cleared a place to make the blocks. But, we need to compact the area to pour a slab to make it nice and flat and clean to put the blocks. We need a compactor. Called the manager and talked with him and discussed a small compactor we found in the store up in Chibuto. He gave us a retail price of $2,390. With a discount, he would be willing to sell it to us for $1610. We talked with him about the price given in the store and after a few phone calls; he sold it to us for $ 895. YES!!! Favor of the King!!!

The well is almost completed. We finally have the pump house up, we have a huge tank and the pump is in. As I write this, we are in the process of flushing the well and getting it up and running. I am so excited to have water. No more buying buckets of water from up the street. To let you in on a little secret – We are working on a water project that will allow us to give water away. In a place where water is abundant, but it is all ‘owned’ by those who can afford to drill a well (approx. $9,000), and those who do not have a well have to pay for it. So, we are working on a project that will enable us to go into villages and give them water. *shhhh* I will keep you posted.

The wall is coming along. Slow but sure. It is a huge amount of work and the men are working really hard and getting the lines cleared. With enormous Cashew trees in the way, they have to come down and the root balls need to come out of the ground. The men did not care much for my optimism in the removal of the root. I figured, at least this way, the trench is mostly dugJ. While away, the chain saw was broken and in an attempt to fix it, was dismantled and parts lost. So, the work has been made a bit more difficult. We are working on purchasing a new one and will hopefully make quicker work of the next side.

The plat for the brick slab is cleared and once tamped will be ready for concrete and we will officially begin our block making factory – Woohoo!!!

A family has generously donated some money to help finish the Carlis House. It is sad that it has sat so long unfinished. We are so thankful for this family’s generosity. We have a team coming from New Mexico at the end of June to help with this and we will be so happy to post pictures of the project as it comes to completion.

And finally, I have just overcome my first (Praying earnestly, my only) bout of Malaria. Before leaving Chibuto for a mandatory border crossing, I had been feeling a bit tired, somewhat feverish and had a slight upset stomach. I assumed I was overdoing it and was really looking forward to a nice bed with clean sheets, running water (Hot water makes it so much nicer!) and some walls and a ceiling. After a couple of days in South Africa, with all errands run and supplies purchased, it was time to cross back over the border. I was feeling so tired, I decided we needed to spend just one more night and have an early run across the border. The next morning when I woke up, I realized I was not going to make it. I will spare you all of the details and tell you how bad it got. I was hospitalized with a concern of cerebral and liver damage. My kidneys were only functioning at 30% and my blood platelets had fallen to 34.Yep, pretty bad. I do not think I will ever just try to wait it out again. God is faithful and beautiful and so gracious to heal.

So, thank you all for your amazing prayers for my swift recovery. Never underestimate the power of conversation with God. Thank you for counting me worthy of your time. It was a bit scary, but, God Is so faithful and quick to rescue! He is my ever present help in time of need…

Yes and Amen!

For anyone who would like more information about our ministry or the Center of Hope build in Chibuto, Mozambique, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Website: www.ByTheWayInfo.com
Email: Molzeski@bythewayinfo.com

Mailing Address:
4961 Sundance Dr.
Independence, KY 41051

We are preparing build teams, teaching teams, agriculture projects, admin, etc. If you are interested in more information on how you can participate, visit or donate. Please email Molzeski@bythewayinfo.com

As always, thank you for your prayerful, financial and physical support. We are able to continue on because of you. Be blessed this month. We pray protection over all of your family and loved ones, a great prosperity of joy, strength, wisdom, health and finances overabundant. Remember, He supplies all of your needs according to His riches and glory.

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