Rainy Season in Mozambique

Feb 27, 2013

Greetings Family!

I am often asked about the seasons in Mozambique. When I talk about rainy season, I am usually met with a smirk and the question, 'What is rainy season?'

This years' rainy season has yielded the most severe floods the nation has seen since before the civil war. The World Health Organization has estimated over 300,000 families have been displaced to temporary tent camps after losing everything.

The families have moved to high ground and gathered in dirt fields to try and survive. When we say they have lost everything, that means they do not have a change of clothes or food to eat. Some have even lost the clothes on their back desperately swimming to safety.

The families int these 'tent camps' are living in a dirt field gathered under plastic tarps to stay out of the rain. They share whatever scavenged food they were able to find, wet rice and presoaked beans from a flooded supply house is as good as it gets.

By the time Felito and Anna and their pastoral teams arrived, the food and most clothes were all but gone. They arrived with fresh beans and rice, bulk clothing bags and the Good News of Hope and Future.

This is what Felito wrote to me in one of his updates about an outreach in the tent camp in Chokwe (70,000 ).

Just want to thank you for praying for us, the crusade in the camp went very well, I was overwhelmed by the faith of this people, the desperation for God is amazing and the joy they expressed for the word of God was amazing, it is not often you see people pushing each other just to be the first to receive prayer, we do crusades but it’s not often that we hear from the people say please don't go we want more!!!

This is one what one of them said, “I can feel hope inside my heart says one grandmother.

There was an open heaven experience. Seen the deaf hear and the backs healed and one guy with a blind eye completely healed and seen many more, the presence of God was so strong.

We prayed for people for hours, there was a guy from Iris who joined us he prayed for people up to the point where he was so tired that he just hugged one person and would not let him go, (this was funny to us). We had to stop due to financial reason but we are going back to their town on the 7-10 march

We want more of the kingdom of God to come.

We also did some more relief work during the day was great, send pictures later Blessings

I have attached some of those pictures below, just to give you an idea of how ripe these fields are for harvest.

An update on the Center of Hope. I spoke with Matthias who is in Xai-Xai and he said the flood waters rose and rose. Within 2 KM of the land and then, it just stopped. Of course it just stopped. The Great Almighty hand of protection is two kilometers wide! The river along the backside did not rise above its boundaries. It has continued to flow evenly, cleanly and as beautifully as ever within its allowed parameters. Thank you God!!

We are preparing build teams, teaching teams, agriculture projects, admin, etc. If you are interested in more information on how you can participate, visit or donate. Please email Molzeski@bythewayinfo.com.

We are very thankful for your prayerful support through the easy and fun times and the tough times. We are blessed by you. We pray joy and a mighty protection over you and your loved ones and ask for over abundant provision in every area of your life that is lacking. We bless you in Jesus Name!

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