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May 23, 2014

Every day more kids come to hang around, to play, help do chores and to see what new things are going on in this place. The action and the movement is new and adventurous here.

Every day new ones come. Not sure where they all come from or what their stories are, but, all are welcome and accepted.

We provide the balls, games and entertainment.

The rules are simple:

No leaving trash anywhere. It must be put in the fire pit, or in the trash bin. If you see trash on the ground, it is your responsibility to pick it up, whether you put it there or not.

Everyone must play nice and get along. No fighting, rough housing or excluding anyone else.

Everyone is loved freely!

kids_coloring.jpg ag_Balloon.jpg

The most fun part about this – kids have no prejudice. They do not hate, they are not cautious, they do not harbor ill feelings to ones they do not know. They have met all sorts of new friends. They are learning to accept everyone and play together. When one is sick or hurting, sad or just feeling down, they are concerned, they care for, lift up and encourage

They enjoy balloons, gather to color in coloring books and crayons. In one year, the crayons are still put in their boxes at the end of the day, only three have been lost and only one has been broken. The books have all been colored through twice and they still enjoy it almost every day. We need to get some new.

They play soccer every day. We go through about one soccer ball per week. We always need to get new :). There are many days that three games are going on at once. Basketball is a fun new game that is a special treat when the blocks are not blocking the slab.

Inevitably, when they are feeling lazy, or it is just too hot, or they just wanns visit, they just come and sit around the house to braid their hair, chat about school, or the weather, discuss Jesus and heaven or just to be near and feel the love.

I am reminded of the children’s song, ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children!’

Ag__kds.jpg vitoria.jpg Colors.jpg coloring_kids.jpg Corrola.jpg kids_on_the_stoop.jpg 

Fun thanks to Barry and Joyanna Jenkins, Gregg Heminger, Maggie Shergill and Gary Chapman for your donation for, the building and the installation of basketball goals to make this fun, new game available.

With all the work and progress, we need to remember the fun and the joy throughout the day. We are teaching Building skills and valuable trades as well as lifelong lessons of love and kindness. What a joy each day, filled with its own sweet memories and adventures.

If you are interested in learning more about our vision, specific details about this project, or have a desire to participate in some way, please email:Molzeski@gmail.com or visit our website: www.ByTheWayInfo.com

As always, please remember to share the Hope!

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