By The Way, is a non-profit organization that operates in developing nations to assist with project and organizational development, management assistance and funding allocation.

The assistance we offer may be as comprehensive as a step-by-step integration, including a business plan with accounting and management infrastructure, inclusive of hands-on oversight; or as simple as delivering funds to the build site and confirming the work is being performed properly and in the fashion in which it is intended.

For benefactors or project development teams looking for assistance or accountability, a real-time status update gives an ongoing report of the progress of projects in the development phase.  As well, the annual follow-up ensures that the projects stay on track and accomplish the target goals. 

Utilizing strategies that take advantage of the local culture and people provides a sustainable work force and empowerment to the milieu in which the projects are being implemented.  With added schools for education, plantation programs for food, clinics for better health and trade programs to train valuable skills, the communities are strengthened and the environments fortified.

By The Way is the ‘hands and feet’ that delivers the provision to those in need, creating a flourishing life, re-instilling hopes and dreams to the down trodden; allowing them to live life more abundantly.

"It pleased them indeed, and they are debtors.  For if the gentiles have been partakers of their spiritual things, their duty is to also minister to them in material things." Romans 15:27