Getting Full Legal Use of the Land

Aug 02, 2010

We will have full legal service of the land, effective Sunday, August 1. It has taken quite a while to take service of the land because we needed to move many graves. Since the indigenous culture worships the dead, it is was very important to clear the land of all graves, to be sure the land has been consecrated for Christ! Felito will go on Friday to confirm they have all been moved, and then onward!!!

We have quite a few projects in the plans for now. As the land is being cleared to have the men come and drill for the well, they will start on Monday, August 9. It is anticipated to take them two full weeks to drill the well, in addition, it will take three weeks to build the water tower and install a functioning pump.

The crew will also clear the land for the first building, the CHURCH!!! We have scheduled to have the first inaugural church service on August 29, 2010. That is truly a busy month. I will keep you posted on the progress. Thank you for everyone that heard and answered the call to participate in this grand project. Remember, by participating, you are sharing in this reward! Blessings to you all!

Category: Center of Hope

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