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Jun 03, 2014

I want to introduce you.


This is Magreta.

She is an amazing woman that we have hired to cook lunch for the workers.

I cannot imagine doing her job. I have tried with what I claim as success. I can do it for one day with stove, oven and others helping me with water.

That is why we hired her. I am somewhat embarrassed at how soft I am in comfort even in this environment. One person cooking for all of those men is a big task in itself on a daily basis. Add to it that she does not have a stove top or oven to use, or a kitchen sink or counter top to use. To complicate it even further, she collects her own water for all of the cleaning of food items, cleaning pots, pans, utensils and serving items. She also collects her own firewood for the open fire she cooks over. We do stock pile some of the larger pieces for her. She is content to gather her own, she knows what she wants and likes.

I realize she has known no other way. It still does not diminish my amazement of her skills and work ethic. This is how she starts her work day. She goes to the spigot near the pump house and gathers water for the day. Yes, that 5 gallon bucket on her head is full of water, as she walks it back over to the ‘kitchen’.

This is the kitchen she works in to cook up lunch.


She gathers fire wood every day to cook the beans and rice, xima, fish, masa, Kove, whatever happens to be for lunch that day. And keeps the food cooking on this open fire to have it promptly prepared (most days ) at 11:00 AM for the hungry workers coming for lunch. I am not sure how she handles the hot pans. I need two dish towels to move them around.

fire.jpg beans.jpg

She also washes all of the dishes (remember all that water on her head?), before and after lunch, feeds the animals and looks after the tidiness of the guest quarters.

She does all of this every day with a beautiful smile and a joyful heart. She prays for passerby’s, workers that have fallen ill, all the while, singing hymns throughout the day, laughing with the workers and joking with the kids passing by. She is just a little piece of fun with a deep laugh and silly demeanor that makes you want to play.

Yes, this is just one of the amazing people I have the joy of working with. Daily amazed at their strength, zeal, grace and patience with me.

If you are interested in more information about our Center of Hope build, interested in getting involved, please email, check out our website,, or check us out on Facebook. No talent is insignificant in this place. No willingness is under appreciated. Open Hearts and willing hands can always make a difference for the better! Never underestimate your value!

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