Days of Small Beginnings...

Jul 07, 2014

I will not despise the days of small beginnings…

Ground preparation and infrastructure. I have taken a moment to ponder all that has been done in the last 3 years. I think about the land acquisition, the permits applied for and approved, the church that has been built and the Lord blessing the people through it, I think of the men that have committed their lives to seeing this Center built, I think of the well that is in and the pump house that is built, the Carlis House that is built and the guest quarters (Even though it is Kinesu). I know from a Western Culture perspective, it seems there is virtually nothing tangible to attest to the last three years of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and yes, even money.

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Then I remember, it is more than just the infrastructure, the paperwork that needs to be in perfect order, relationships that must be built, trust that must be established, it is so much more that has already been accomplished.

I think of the many children that come around daily. A safe haven in the midst of chaos. A piece of bread for their hungry bellies. An acknowledgement of love, they have never experienced before. I am reminded of the many miracles that we have seen manifest in a tangible way, the dying raised up from the death bed, the fire raging across the land put out, the crippled widow stood straight up, the once dying boy that now runs and plays in the front yard…it goes on and on and on…

Then, when I look for the tangibles, I see 1,300 Meters of wall trench dug by hand, footing poured with rebar in it, 15,000 blocks already made and 400 more being made daily, I see the crew laying the wall and slowly creeping up that massive hill. They have approximately 750 Meters to lay, just on the one side. Yes, one side is just over a kilometer long and 2 meters high. When they finish this side, they will begin again, cutting down trees, digging trenches, pouring concrete footing, laying walls on the other side, that is also a kilometer long, and then across the front of the property line. What an amazing feet. This wall will show where our property ownership begins and ends, prevents squatters from moving onto the land and satisfies the government requirement of a security wall so that we can begin caring for orphaned children.

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I see the pump house for the water well that pumps water into out 10,000 liter tank to give water for the cement (block making and wall construction) as well as many of the local people in the community.

I see a garden that has been started and is already providing food. I see men that have learned skills and trades that they did not know before and are excited about all that they are learning.

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As I look out my kitchen window, this serene view is captivating. I see tall savannah grass, beautiful cashew trees in bloom, and a small kinesu hut in the distance. As we are growing and changing so much these days, I wonder what the view from my kitchen window will look like in just one year from now.


No, I do not despise the days of small beginnings, they seem to rush by so quickly.

If you would like to be involved or sow into this project, more information about what we are doing here in Chibuto, or the progress of our Center of Hope, please email, check our website or check us out on facebook.

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