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Sep 16, 2014

Excited to share these details as this is an update on a much needed progress.

A school. When stateside, one of our board members contacted me to say that he had scheduled a meeting for me to meet with the president of FCU in Orlando, FL and asked if I would be interested. The answer, of course, was yes!

Upon meeting Dr. Anthony Portigliatti and Bruno Portigliatti, representing his organization New Beginnings Global outreach, I was more than excited to hear of their desire to help us establish a school in our developing center. They introduced us to Foundations based principal education program that they were providing to us, that has been used successfully in Brazil for almost 20 years. Some were skeptical of our need for this current progress. No matter, I pursued this amazing opportunity and continued on. Swiftly, I was introduced to a man and his wife that were interested in coming to serve…his expertise? A soon to be retired school administrator and his wife, a nurse! How many signs does one person need???

Just In case you need more…

Upon return we found the children were no longer attending the subpar school that was made available to them because the teachers had all decided to leave. With no explanation to the community as far as I could find, the children went without school for more than 4 full weeks. When they were able to return, it was for two days and the teachers all left again. They returned for a week and a half and then…you guessed it…teachers left again. I visited the school yesterday to take pictures and met with the principal. He was very kind and took me on a tour of the school. He showed me the makeshift bathrooms that are actually latrines and the water faucets/hand washing stations that do not work. He explained that they do not have any utilities because nothing functions and then he explained that they have taken all of the students that are doing well and combined them into two classes and that is who they are teaching. I saw many faces I knew. However, what of all the other children? I only saw about 60 children in both classrooms. That school serves many neighboring areas.

principle.jpg class_2.jpg latrines.jpg

These are the latrines for the children to use.


The stand alone, water fountain/hand washing unit that has never worked.



The younger children are taught under a tree.


The statistics right now for education are extremely grim. The most recent UN survey concludes 55% of the nation’s children will complete primary school. Less than 35% of all girls will complete primary school. Less than 12% will complete secondary school (Graduate high school). Less than 5% of girls will even attend secondary school. Considering these numbers, it shows how much a school is needed in this area.

So, now, we are speedily moving forward with pursuing the establishing of the school.

The group in Orlando, New Beginnings Global Outreach (NBGO) has made contact with a school operating in the same curriculum in a northern Mozambican sea town. They have contacted me and have so graciously offered to help us with any information or details we need in setting up our school.

NBGO has also contacted a mission’s organization in Brazil that has sent a preliminary offering to send staff to teach our teachers how to instruct in this new rigorous school curriculum.

Our progress:

We have met with local government regarding the preliminary stages of the school. These meetings were quite favorable and they offered to help us in our pursuit wherever they could in establishing our primary school.

We have the curriculum and the need has definitely been established.

Now, we will make a trip to Beira to meet with the school there and see what details need to be situated in preparation.

We will need to build two buildings to start, for the primary school – so that we have a total of 6 classrooms and a library and a separate lavatory. As well, we will need to begin accumulating books, encyclopedias and periodicals in Portuguese for our library.

Excitedly, we prepare for the arrival of Bob and Esther Hoover – coming to help set up the school.

What an awesome leap forward. We are so genuinely enthusiastic about this progress!

Meanwhile, I will continue to have surprises throughout the weeks, as I look out my window to this…


Children playing in the middle of the day because they have no school to attend.


A fun shout out to my sister Tannile and her girls, Lilly and Audrey for making the silly band bracelets for the kiddos. As you can see, Corrolla is very much enjoying it…as did all the kids. A fun and colorful treat for them. Kolimambo ladies, Kolimambo!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

If you are interested in learning more about our vision, specific details about this project, or have a desire to participate in some way, please email:molzeski@gmail.com or visit our website: www.ByTheWayInfo.com

As always, please remember to share the Hope!

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