I am only a part of his legacy...

Sep 21, 2014

Today – I am at a loss for words. I am disappointed in the vast limitation of the human language to be able to describe such anguish. My heart is more than broken, my loss is more than deep and wide, my sorrow more than immense.

Today I have learned of the passing of a mighty mentor, spiritual father and great apostle of the faith. Yes, he has passed from the agony of this world into the glory of dancing unhindered and unrestricted on the streets of gold in the presence of the Father. There is solace and a bit of joy within, because of that knowledge.


I stand as a representation of his mighty legacy. A legacy that will live on in perpetuity until the coming of the Age. I stand in greater authority by his teaching, greater organization because of instruction, greater faith because of his shared experience and greater confidence because of his encouragement. I am but one of many.

Some men live ineffectual lives that will soon be forgotten. However, this man has lived a life in constant sacrifice for and edification of others. Every breath and action was in pouring himself out for the equipping and betterment of the kingdom family and those he longed to see become part of the family. The ripple effect that comes from his passing is only paled by the ripple caused by his life. A memory of strength, patience and exceeding grace.

Again, I am at a loss of words to describe this great man.


Apostle, Pastor and Doctor of medicine, Brother Joffre Vivoni, an original board member for By The Way Missions unexpectedly went to be with The Father yesterday, September 20, 2014.

His direction to this ministry was invaluable and his willingness to search out opportunities to serve and function at his fullest on this board was instrumental to our success and forward progress. We will miss his jokes, his wit, his tenderness and his gentle correction.


Our prayers extend a mighty comfort and peace that passes all understanding to cover his beloved wife and our sister Elia (also a board member) and his children Jann and Elyon by The Holy Spirit, Comforter. May their memories always be full of joy and laughter and their future be full of happiness and greater things to come.

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