Words Fail Me...

Oct 20, 2015

Words cannot describe...

You know those life moments when there is no string of words that can be formed to express the true emotion, feeling, experience...

I have recently lived one of those moments and I am going to do my best to share it with you. 

After the most recent clinic outreach (read previous blog for details), we felt it was important to stay as involved in the community as possible. In an impromptu meeting with the chief, I realized that the large community water well in the middle of the village was broken. He explained it had been broken for over a year and they could not fix it. Immediately, I committed to us fixing it. Yes, some would have warned me to pray about this before getting involved. Rightly so. You see, this village across the street is Muchuquete. The government estimates over 150,000 people live in this little village across the street. As well, this village is full of Satan worshiper's. They are very proud of their ability to conjure spirits, host demons and their powerful sacrifices of animals and even human beings to get what they want. They do not like us and they usually want nothing to do with us! They often try to curse us and yell at us to go away. Yes, a prudent person would have prayed first and asked if this was a venture that God intended us to undertake. 

However, all I saw were these battered woman having to walk miles in one direction to carry a 5 gallon bucket full of water kilometers back to their home so they could wash laundry, wash their babies, make food and the like. This of course does not make up for the fire wood chopping, the garden tending and so many more tasks they labor through every day from sun-up to sun-down.

Love rose up within and as I saw this vital piece of life was removed from them, I had to offer our help, I never stopped to count the cost, the expense or what could possibly be broken. I never thought that perhaps the well was dry and possibly, there was no water to be drawn up. I never thought, I have never used a manual hand pump and have absolutely no idea how to fix it...much less where to get parts. Because...Love wins! Because With God all things are possible....

So, the very next morning, off to the village we go. We take all of the metal rods out and locate a new plunger bottom and Matthias heads off to Xai-Xai (One hour drive one way) and promptly returns late afternoon. We put it in and...you guessed it, no water. Okay, we explain we will come back the next day.  Ladies came from all over to help hoist the pipes from the hole, up through the tree and over to the ground. About 145 feet worth of pipes. Some were cracked and needed replaced...honestly. I cannot tell you all that was involved. It was more than a week of fix this put it back...doesn't work, take it out...replace this, put it back...doesn't work, take it out. With every attempt, my heart sank more and I kept asking God what it needed. 

Yes, we had a manual from the pump designer of all the parts and what we needed to make it work...piece after piece, trying to locate parts...no easy task. Driving hours and hours in one direction to pick up one part to drive hours back. Words cannot describe the joy we felt every time we located a part and the severe frustration when it didn't work. 

Finally, with virtually every part replaced, we angled the tube to put it back in the hole...and as it made its way down from the tree, it snapped in two!!! My heart sank beneath my toes and I just wanted to cry. I wanted to cry for these woman who have come day after day with great hope and expectation. They put all of their other work on hold to lift these pipes out of the ground, waiting for us to fix something and put it back in the hole. My heart sank over the shame I was bringing the Lord in not succeeding in this venture. Utterly dismayed.

At the same time, my work for the Center of Hope could not be put on hold. We had to go to South Africa to buy a new work truck (A blessing indeed - blog entry to follow). We had to leave the very next morning for a meeting in Maputo and then a border crossing. So, after explaining we had to leave and would return on Monday, they were all very sad, but claimed they understood.

Upon my return, I received a text message from the chief that said, the pump is working, they have water. So, naturally, I was disappointed I didn't get to participate in the win. I went to go see for myself and was told that a local organization came to give them some pipes. They didn't have any other parts, just a couple of pipes and so the people were able to fix it. I was happy that they had water. I was disappointed that God did not get glory and that I was not able to make it work. As I surrendered my ego and pride to the Lord, I thanked Him for His faithfulness in fixing the well for them and giving them water. 

The next night as I prepared for an early morning trip to Maputo for meetings, I received a text from the Chief saying the pump was broken and they had no water. Pride says - call someone else. With no response but, “oh” in mind, I told him I would call in the morning. As we prayed through the night, seeking the will of the Lord, He said, if you will bring me glory, go and fix the pump. 

So, 6 AM we gathered all of our workers and went into the village with praise and worship music blaring from the radio in Tsonga. We sang and danced for Jesus and took apart the pump. The chief would not take my calls. In fact, we never saw him that day.  

The metal rods inside were broken. A part that is virtually irreplaceable. However, through the course of searching out parts, I met a woman in town that had these pieces. We cut the tube, retrieved all of the pieces, glued it back together with the proper couplings and off to town we went to buy the pieces we needed to fit everything together the way the manual says. 

We left workers there to dance and sing for Jesus.

Upon our return there were a few kind ladies and two men that were very angry with us. 

With all of our workers in place, we heaved the tube back into the hole, re-assembled the irons and put everything back together. Breathlessly waited as the pumping process began. 

Breathless...yes, I was absolutely breathless...

As I said, words cannot describe the emotion, the strength, the knowledge that this time, because He was glorified - there was no doubt we are here helping because Jesus loves them so much that even through their curses, through their ridicule, through their mockery, we returned to help them in their need. 

Through love we see them, through a heart of Jesus, we come to serve....

Yes, of course there was water! Of course that pump works! Of course our Heavenly Father went before us and fought those battles on our behalf and all we had to do was praise Him through the process. By 12:30 that day, there was water flowing from that pump and the locals said it was better than before! Isn't that just how God works? When He fixes something, He never goes halfway. He does it up better, better than before.

As the workers danced and sang and praised the Almighty Living God – one proclaimed that we needed to pray and thank God for His provision and we needed to bless this well in the name of Jesus. As he took control of the jubilant crowd, we lifted voices of praise and hands of thanksgiving.

Within 20 minutes there was almost 100 buckets or water jugs in line. The people came running with buckets tied about their bodies.  Kids from behind bushes, woman from down the way, men from everywhere – young and old. As we turned up the music and everyone around began to sing and dance to praise the name of Jesus!

I have pictures here of some of the process. Please enjoy them. I also have videos that I was going to cut and edit, but I decided not to. I chose to leave them unedited so that you could see how quickly the joy spread.  They are just a couple minutes in total of the first few minutes of water coming and then a follow-up of a just few short minutes later of the joy…I hope that you enjoy. I have attached a Youtube link here to see the video.

I hope that you are blessed. I pray that through these visual aids, you may experience some the emotion we felt this day.

For all of you that support Lars and I personally, I want to thank you. This is where we chose to spend our monthly budget this month. We are thankful for you and your faithfulness to partner with us in this work.  You should all know that your seeds are being sown into good soil and the Lord is being glorified in this process. 

Move pipe 2.jpg

The people moving the pipe in the morning to put in the hole...

moving pipe.jpg

Moving the pipe back to the house to keep it safe over night...


Hoping and praying ti will work this time...

Pipe out.jpg

Trying to get the tubes in the well hole...

pipe out of tree.jpg

The tube making its way through the tree...

pipe move.jpg

The people stretching out the tube to fix again...

pipe lift.jpg

Back in the tree we go...

Pipe in tree.jpg

Have to lift it higher so that it doesn't snap...

Pipe after tree.jpg

Taking it out again...

water cometh.jpg

Smiles and joy!!! Finally have water!!!

people cometh.jpg

In a matter of 5 minutes, these buckets were in line. You can see the children in the background bringing their buckets.

old  cometh.jpg

Even the elders came in haste with their buckets.


me & mammas.jpg

Their joy could not match my own!

many mroe.jpg

The lines grew and grew so very quickly. you can see others in the background running this way with buckets...




As a follow up to this victory…


We had a meeting with the posto chief yesterday. He is the highest ranking government official in the area – just below the governor.


We asked him to come meet with us to see the progress and ask his help in some of the paperwork process. As he toured the grounds and saw the final portion of the wall being built he shared his heart. He read the business plan that shared the total vision. He said he was impressed. It was beautiful and this place very much needs this center. As he looked at the men working so joyfully, yet so hard in the hot sun, he smiled and said – you have come and continued to stay. Many come and leave. They come with visions that die and they leave. No one ever stays. But, you. You have come and you have stayed and you have this to show for you. God is truly with you. It is the only way you have been here this long. You could not have stayed – this could not be done if God was not with you.


As we went higher on the hill to see the water tower (see previous blogs for details) – he asked about the water and I assured him it had been tested and was potable through all the World Health Organization standards and we drink it without issue. He tasted it and asked why we don’t share such good water with the people. I explained that we had just fixed the well in the village and he said that was not true. He had come from a village meeting where they told him we fixed it and a couple days later it broke. I replied, they did not tell the whole truth, it is fixed, let us go there and look.


As we approached the pump, the lady leading the community pump project came over and pumped a few short pumps and out came a beautiful gush of water! He smiled and asked her about it. As she laughed and gave me a hug, she explained all that had happened. The Posto Chief smiled and agreed we have a genuine heart for the people.


He came back with his secretary and assistant to sit around our table to discuss the documents we need signed. As we talked about the process and all the work that has been done not only in the village, the building progress, but with government offices – he thought again and said this –


“Many people come to me and ask me about this great wall you are building. They ask me who you are and what you are doing here. I tell them about you and that you are here to help the people. When people come for themselves and have a bad idea, it is easy for them to steal from the people and get what they want. When people come with a good heart and a good purpose, it is very difficult. But, this is not impossible. Jesus is with you. We all can see and know that Jesus is giving you strength and you are doing this because Jesus is helping you. Without God it cannot be done. You are proving that He is with you.”

And so, we are becoming known as: THE PEOPLE THAT GOD IS WITH.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. If you are interested in learning more about our vision, specific details about this project, or have a desire to participate in some way, please email: molzeski@gmail.com or visit our website: www.ByTheWayInfo.com or connect with us on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/ByTheWayInfo/

As always, please remember to share the Hope!



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