Center of Hope

The Center of Hope will create an autonomous and self-sustaining community in the Gaza province of Mozambique.

Upon completion the Center will house 168 orphaned children.  These children will be provided with primary and secondary schooling and paired with either a widow or childless couple to provide a family structure.

The Center of Hope will be completely self-sustaining; water will come from a well located on the property and pumped into the houses and buildings to provide fresh, clean running water. All of the necessary electricity will emanate from solar power.

Additionally, a fully operational plantation will be established with full husbandry education. With an array of animals and vegetation, the Center will be able to feed all of the residents, students and workers as well as stock the local markets and restaurants with healthy organic food selections.

In addition to teaching the best techniques for a sustaining agrarian economy, trade schools on the grounds will educate and train community members in the spirit of bonding with the local community.

A full service health clinic will be created onsite to treat both the normal daily maladies of malaria and flu as well as the more complex infirmities such as HIV/AIDS.

Incorporating church services in buildings instead of dirt tracks under trees and offering an on location bible school is a priceless tool provided to the surrounding people they have desperately sought after for years.

Lessons of healthy competition and good sportsmanship are fundamental to a well rounded life. With sports programs such as basketball, soccer (football) , volleyball and swim lessons, the Center will supplement everyday living and allowing the spirit of community to foster in a safe and healthy environment.

The Center of Hope will create a thriving life opportunity to teach, to create, to involve and to flourish. In every aspect of a truly thriving community, the elements of spirit, body and mind will be targeted and achieved.

The projected timeline for full operational Center of Hope is 3 years from formal ground breaking. Within this timeline the Center will be entirely financially independent.

Center of Hope Progress Presentation